Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tour w/ Carmen Souza - New Record

Hi folks!
I hope everybody is doing well these days!

I write this note from London, UK, where we are finishing the rehearsals with the Carmen Souza 4et for the upcoming tour, which also celebrates the CD Release of Carmen's new album, "Kachupada" - on which I had the pleasure to play drums and percussion.

"Cachupa" is a traditional dish from Cape Verde, and mixes a lot of ingredients... and the result is something completely amazing! In many ways, Carmen's music is a mix of many different things too... So check out the video below to see what the new record is all about!

I am going to be performing with the group on all the dates below, and I look forward to seeing some of you out there!

10/2  -  KARLSRUHE - Germany
10/4  - PUCHEIM, Germany
10/5  - NURNBERG, Germany
10/6  - FULDA, Germany
10/9  - BONN, Germany
10/10  - ESSEN, Germany
10/11  - KIEL, Germany
10/12  - HALLE, Germany
10/13  - HANNOVER, Germany
10/14  - KASSEL, Germany
10/17  - REGENSBURG, Germany
10/19  - ALES, France
10/20  - New Morning, PARIS, France
10/22  - BAKU, Azerbaijan

Carmen's record "Kachupada" can be found on iTunes. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

MOZIK live at Blue Note NYC in November!

Hey friends!

Just announced.... the group MOZIK will be performing the late night series at the Blue Note Jazz Club in NYC!
November 10th 2012, Saturday, at 12:30am (Saturday night, into Sunday).
We are looking forward to the show, and working on some other dates that will be posted here soon as well as on our webpage -
In the meantime, here is our promo video, and the details of the show are below with the link for you to make reservations/get tickets.
Please spread the word and come out to support us! We'll greatly appreciate it!

Gilson Schachnik - piano, keys
Yulia Musayelyan - flute
Fernando Huergo - bass
Gustavo Assis Brasil - guitars
MZ - drums, percussion

Saturday, November 10th 2012, 12:30am
(sat night into sunday)

I am a drummer - percussionist - composer - artist based in New York City, NY. Please visit my website: