Saturday, February 6, 2010

New CD review, and featured comment

Hello all,
here is a new CD review of my recent release, 7 Lives. It just came out on the magazine "Jazz Inside NY" on their february edition.
"(...)Triumphant, exotic, pounding, electric, yet deeply grounded in the stream of tradition, 7 Lives offers an exhilarating trip across an ever-shrinking, colliding and adapting musical globe." M. Marshall - Jazz Inside NY Magazine, feb/2010
Check out the whole review:

I also had the opportunity to contribute to their feature article on "passion". I talk about the importance of being passionate about something (in my case, music) and how we should strive to find our true passion (and consequently nurture it) in order to be happy. Check it out:

You can download the full magazine for free at their website:
Jazz Inside NY Magazine - free PDF download

And, since we are talking about this great publication, they just came out with a great idea: an Audio Wall - you can visit the site and preview lots of new and great music. Download a track, or sample all you want... and then proceed to each artist's websites to purchase the rest of the album. Go visit them, and happy listening!
visit the Jazz Audio Wall
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