Thursday, May 26, 2011

MZ in the team of columnists of Modern Drummer Magazine Brazil

Hi friends!
Just a quick post to let you all know - and specially those of you that are/live in Brazil - that starting in May 2011, I am part of the team of columnists of the Modern Drummer Magazine in Brazil, together with Aquiles Priester, Azael Rodrigues, Daniel Oliveira, Pascoal Meirelles e Ramon Montagner. I am very happy and honored to be part of this great publication, and in such great company!
My first lesson - coming out on the May 2011 edition - talks about being creative beyond the conventional. It's an analysis of a bunch of African grooves, but also an in-depth look at how these grooves can sometimes be simple but very creative, and, most importantly, extremely effective to the song.
So, dig in, and check out some of these grooves I present. These are meant for you to play, practice, analyze.... and see the elements that make these grooves so cool and musical... It's an exercise on thinking outside the box, and I hope it inspires you to start coming up with your own parts and grooves!
here is the cover of the magazine...

I will post the lesson here at some point, for those of you that can't get the magazine and/or live outside Brazil.

thanks for the usual support, and see ya next time!
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