Wednesday, March 10, 2010

cool moments...

Hello friends!
hope this finds you all doing great!
I want to share with you a few very cool moments I had here in New York City recently.
In January I discovered a restaurant that since then became one of my favorite places to go. It's called "Favela Cubana", and the idea behind is simple - to blend Brazilian and Cuban Cuisines! If you live in the city or happen to be around, you have to check it out! It has amazing food, great environment, and the people there are super nice. Owner Marco Britti, an accomplished drummer too (!!) has been inviting me for a long time, and now I can't get enough of the place!
Marco also asked me to sign one of his congas, which he uses as seats for the bar (very original!).
Owner Marco Britti and myself at "Favela":

signing one of their congas:

In February I went to see Hiromi perform solo on her CD release concert here in NYC. It was great to see her again, after playing together during Sonicbloom's last year world tour. During the break, I got to talk to Ahmad Jamal, one of the most important jazz pianists ever. We were both speechless from Hiromi's performance(!)..... catch her on her solo tour if you can!
Mr. Jamal and myself during Hiromi's CD Release show:

And finally, for now.... I was so honored and happy with this one! I was playing at the Blue Note with pianist Miho Nobuzane - do check her out too, she's a great pianist and her music and playing crosses over many styles, including jazz, pop, Brazilian and latin, African jazz, you name it! - during the spring of 2008. And in the audience was one of my heros, Mr. Bernard Purdie. He came to chat after the show, and it was an amazing experience to get to know him, and hear him comment on the show!
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