Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Reviews for the CD, "Glasses, No Glasses"!

Gearing up to our "official" CD Release date, here are some really cool new reviews for my most recent CD, a collaboration with bassist Amanda Ruzza called "Glasses, No Glasses".  You can find it on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and pretty much everywhere on-line! Check it out!

Jazz Inside Magazine, September 2014 
(just open the image and zoom in to read it)

Raul da Gama - "Jazz da Gama" - August, 2014

"(...) So what on earth is Glasses, No Glasses? It is a stripping away of the fa├žade of comfort zones; it is viewing the world without the proverbial tints; it is a celebration of the beautiful madness of music, whether it comes from Brasil, or America, or Mali, or for that matter, the real Timbuktu.
And from the perspective of Mauricio Zottarelli, whose drums thunder and roar; whose cymbals pirouette in the smash and shattering of percussion colouration and from the growling of Amanda Ruzza’s bass and the mad rush to the head of Leo Genovese’s acrobatic playing, this is a first rate set from a crew that is deceptively loose… This is a group of musicians who is taking much of its music to the next level. For this is where the energy and all the talk of seeing the musical world as it is… That is where the musicians are really at." 
Read the full review at Raul da Gama's website (which has an extensive list of writings, materials and reviews from Raul)

From UOL Portal in Brazil - Ziriguidum - by Beto Feitosa 

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