Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Free Drums Video Lessons!!

Hi guys!
I am very happy to share these two video lessons, which are part of a series of videos coming up on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL, called #MZDRUMS VIDEO TIPS (subscribe to the channel HERE).
More videos will be coming out, so make sure you subscribe to the channel so you don't miss anything! :-)
Also, both videos have a free PDF download that will help you follow the lesson and practice on your kit!

The first one is a BASS DRUM EXERCISE - This is a cool exercise to improve your bass drum control, technique, groove - and it will help your overall feel and groove on the kit. Also, it's a nice coordination workout!
PDF download:

The next one is called PARADIDDLES WITH BASS DRUM HITS - it's an interesting way to practice your paradiddles with the hands, and try different hits with the bass drum. This exercises will help your coordination, groove, time, and will open up possibilities between hands and feet. For those of you that have had difficulties playing through some of the material from the lesson "Bass  Drum Exercise", this will also work as a nice introductory exercise to that lesson. Give it a try, and grab the PDF to read and practice along. 
PDF download:

Thank you! Feel free to share these, and happy practicing -  see you next time!
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